Business Software and Point of Sale Programs


Documentation for Shoply, a simple and easy-to-use business management and point of sale program.



Documentation for Stock, an advanced business management and point of sale program with unique and advanced features.


Stock Pro

Documentation for Stock Pro, an advanced business management and point of sale program with features tailored for stores and companies.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Linkysoft Documentation?

Linkysofts documentation is a comprehensive collection of instructional documents aimed at providing guidance and details on the use and integration of the products and services offered by the company. The documentation covers a wide range of topics, including product descriptions, setup, integration, issue resolution, and information security, with the goal of supporting customers and users in maximizing the benefits of the provided technical solutions.

How can I get help if I cannt find what Im looking for?

You can contact technical support 24/7 by submitting a support request, email, or direct WhatsApp chat. The team will provide sufficient documentation and explanations to understand the software or system you have acquired.

How to Provide Feedback?

We provide users with an easy and effective way to submit suggestions and feedback. Users can submit these suggestions through various means, including the customer support system, where they can open a support ticket and include their suggestions. For those who prefer direct contact, they can use the dedicated support email address to send messages containing their suggestions and feedback.

What products/services does the company offer?

Linkysoft offers comprehensive solutions for your business, providing a variety of systems such as sales management, companies, hospitals, clinics, learning management systems, content management systems, and many other different systems. In addition, hosting services and server management are provided to meet your operational needs efficiently and professionally.

How do I use the documentation?

You can benefit from the documentation by following these steps: Start by clicking on the name of the service or product you have received from the company. Once you reach the product or service page, you can start reading the related documentation. The guide serves as a comprehensive user guide for the product or service, providing you with a general understanding of how to make full use of it. You can easily navigate between topics using the sidebar to view different content.

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